Life is short, come home for Christmas.

by September

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This is a collection of 5 songs I had written that my friend Luke Pigott picked to collaborate on. He had a vision and we ran with it. "Disco Latches" and "Sunday" were written the morning after the events sung about in one take sort of capturing the exact moment. The rest were all songs written since past autumn. The whole album carries that feel because we recorded/wrote this album in roughly 10 hours over weekend out at Luke's Studio, just outside philadelphia in rural Ambler. THe studio's co-owner Chris Caulder, lent us his drumming talents on two tracks as well. The two own Ousted Records, and do all their recording at Sun Porch Productions.

About the Artists:
Luke Pigott and I met on a popular dating website targeting the lonely creative types. Thats how this all started. Two strangers, finding an unexpected outcome from the world of cyber dating. It's been a musical connection from the start, and an instant friendship. Luke, a Mississippi transplant to Philadelphia, sent me a promotional video for his music and I realized we created in the same way. He liked my songs and I liked his, so we decided to take a shot int he dark and join forces. Im glad we did.

Jullian Booker, frontman of Bird Watcher, described this album as what it was, "captured a moment in time."

For: Jason Noble, of The Rachel's.
Your music is my heart, and its a crime that you can't make more.


released August 18, 2014

Ashely Cubbler: Lyrics/ Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar/ Album Art
Luke Pigott: Electric Guitar/ All other Sounds
Chris Caulder: Drums

Recorded and Mastered by Luke Pigott
Produced by Luke Pigott



all rights reserved


September Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I promise that I can't do better than this."

-Ashley and Luke

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Track Name: Disco Latches
The quiet after they leave,
is the best the thing that happens to me.
I don't know what to do
with my quiet afternoon.

When I'm alone
i feel right at..
when I'm alone i feel right at home
i feel right feel right.

So why do i even go there?
Why do i even go there?
I'd be the perfect mistress, for anyone.
I'll never call.
You'll never make me run.
'Cause i'll have nothin' to run from.

Oh, this quiet afternoon,
has got me feeling good.
But i just feel badly so bad for anybody
who thinks they can get into my head.

I watch all of you exit my house
my one bedroom, box of a room.
you always have trouble shutting the door
that doesn't have a handle that turns from the outside
and I hear you fiddle and try,
and I stay inside.
I hide.
'cause i don't like long goodbyes.

Its just me.
I am selfish and greedy.
Oh its just me, I am slimy and greedy.
But I'll be the first to give it all away,
to give it all away.
Hey you, hey you, hey you.
Would like me to give it all away to you?
Track Name: Mark Kozelek Blues
I've got the Mark, the Mark Kozelek Blues.
And I lay her thinking of all of you and what you put me through,
and I'm taking that ache in my chest and puttin' it to rest.
Spreading thin, fallin' all over my body like blood and milk, the stuff we're born in.
I'll let it lay, so I won't cry, to my, to my
Mark Kozelk Blues

He said we didn't clap enough to the songs on his set.
But he should just trust in the hurt and the pain that his songs bring up,
Oh, Mark that night you really sucked.
'Cause when you're feeling something like that you simply just can't clap.
It would break the feeling.
So i just sit her trusting.
What else can I do but react when thinking of
I just lay her becoming undone to this pain of ex lovers I'll succumb.
I lay here with my headphones on, on my friend's futon.

And my dear friend he said to me.
He's not surprised that I'm the kind of woman who likes to sleep on any couch but mine.

It's where I go to find where I stand.
You wouldn't understand.
It's where I go,
to find my lows.
These are my, my Mark Kozelek Blues.
Track Name: Old Soup
Oh the love of a sister is hard to loose.
you were so dumb to let the little light die.
Oh sister you were so dumb to let it go.

But I'm not giving up.
But I'm not giving up on us.

Oh brother you were so wrong,
to teach her our song.
Our song we've been singin' since you and I
were young.

And it's not blood that binds us.
It's gotta be the sticky things.
Like pullin' bones from dogs' teeth.
Like pullin' bones from dogs' teeth.
Like pullin' bongs from dogs' teeth.

We're gonna split like a banana.
Oh, five sides, and I'm the pillar
In the middle.

And we're all born to rot.
And we're all going, going, going to rot.

To loose you.

Oh we're gonna rot like the soup in the pot in the fridge that I was too sad to get rid of, and it's been in there since I had the flu and was missing you. Oh sister you were so dumb.

But I was the wrong one.
Track Name: Sunday
I am hungover.

And my voice had been through the lawnmower.

I saw popcorn all over my floor,
and just held my hand to to my face and said oh dear.
"oh dear."

How dare I whine and cry. I had two guys texting me.
And I looked alright, and people seemed to like me.
But my brother, sittin' next to me,
his girlfriend's mother was dying.

She was dying, all the way in Finland.
And I was sad 'cause I didn't get laid.
I'm such a brat.
You should know that, before ever getting mixed up with me.
Before ever getting mixed up with me.

Oh all the bullshit in the sky.
Oh all the bullshit in the sky.
Where am I?
Not by anyone's side.
And where is she?
at her mother's bedside.
That's the worse side to be.

But we all die.
I wish that I,
could've told that, to the bride and groom.
I'm the gloom in the room.
Track Name: Wet Dreams
I'm a little fish,
I wriggle in and out of things and swish.
but of a different kind,
'cause I want to get hooked.
I'm here to be hooked,
hook me,
I get hooked on everything, so easily.

Hook me up cause I'm here.
Hook me up cause I'm here to hook up.

Use your worst line,
I don't mind, but sink that hook clean in my cheek.

Hook me in the gills.
You'll thrill me,
cause then I'll have to come out of my cozy water home where the noise is muffled and it's fuzzy and my body's used to the cold.

Oh hook me up out of here,
from this water I'm not meant to soak up.
I need to get out and let my scales pop off and shed it all.

i should've been born a lizard, you can cut off their limbs and they'll grow back.
I really like that.

Give me your best line
i don't mind ill take the twine and bind myself when you gut me
I'll even gut myself, I'll even gut myself, I'll even gut myself.

Oh hook me hook me up,
I'm only here to hook up,
hook me like i was a bottom feeder.
I'lm only here to get hooked.

I'm only here for a short time,
I don't need a long life line,
baby, i just wanna come up.

I don't wanna get caught.
Ijust wanna get hooked.

You know u don't even need line

ill just lie belly up and you cant just stick that lure into the side of face
lay me down and prep my abdomen, for gutting me, you're gonna gut me anyway, throw away my pretty insides, away, you're all gonna gut me anyway,

I'll make sure that i put the worst sheets down.
'Cause this is really gonna go down.